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The Lore

Factions, classes, city map leaders...

Celestria is a sacred land where goddesses have lived for millennia. Discover the story of their civilization through the centuries and eras, but also the past of great heroes and all the great intrigues that have marked the history of Celestria until the Convergence.

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Master the rules to master the game


- 2 factions
- 20 cards per faction
- ... nah, that's it !


A standard game lasts 20 min



Take control of the enemy temple to win the game.

Age & Number of players

- for 2 players only
- ages 12 and up


Goddess: the Convergence playmats are ideal for gaming, but you can do without them just as well.

Select your 20 best goddesses and build your deck. No other materials are required. Send your goddesses to attack the enemy faction. If you manage to enter your opponent's temple, you win the game.

Choose your faction wisely, as each has its own strengths and weaknesses! Cyberia's Goddesses have direct and destructive gameplay, while Sylvania's will totally control the battlefield. As the oldest and purest faction, Divinia will be able to adapt to any situation and counter all opposing strategies. Finally, Fantasia has powerful abilities of charm and can find additionnal ressources.

Download the detailed rules below.


Download the latest PDF version of the complete rules : English version V1.1.3, French version V1.1.3

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