The hottest Goddess TCG

344 unique cards to collect
4 editions - 4 styles

They lived at different eras
in the same sacred valley
now the Convergence will change everything
and forever...


What the hell is that ?

Much more than a TCG
Goddess: the Convergence is a rich and complete universe about the history of Celestria, the sacred valley where goddesses have lived for millennia.
Collect 280 unique and sexy goddesses,
choose your favorite faction
and battle other goddesses
to reclaim your sacred lands.

There are many reasons to collect and play Goddess: the Convergence. Own them all, until the last one, just because they're so hot and incredible or express your passion for card games, TCGs and tactical battles, and get down to the nitty-gritty! Don't resist the temptation to open boosters and discover beautiful hologram foil cards.


Booster & Display

Come on, what's in the box!?
  • icon01


    • each faction has it's own display
    • 16 boosters / 160 cards per display
    • included : 6 special edition cards scattered in all displays

  • icon02


    • 10 cards per booster
    • 4x Common, 3x Rare
    • 2x SR Tier + 1x SSR or higher !

  • icon04

    Lootrate & Rank scarcity

    • 15% chance to get a higher rank than SSR
    • 6 regular rank from C (Common) to URR (Ultra Rare Rare)
    • 6 Special Edition rank from PR (Promo Rare) to LXR (Legendary EXtra Rare)

  • icon05

    Special Edition

    Instead of the SSR :

    • 2% chance to get a Special Edition card (very low print)
    • 0.2% chance to get an Epic card (less than 1000 prints)
    • 0.01% chance to get a Legendary card (unique print)

The Game

Lore, factions, classes... everything you need to know
We've developed several aspects of Goddess: the Convergence, some purely technical like the class system or faction skills, others simply for the pleasure of feeling this universe coming to life, like the lore of Celestria, the evolution of factions or the story of certain emblematic characters!

We wanted each goddess to be a magnificent and unique card, but also an atypical personality, a real character with her own story, past and wounds. That's why we plan to continue developing the Celestria universe in the near future, probably with new editions and supplements.

If you have any of the following questions, you should definitely find your answers in this section.
- Is Goddess: the Convergence playable or just collectible?

- Why are there ancient and futuristic goddesses?

- What is the Convergence?

- How many cards are there per faction? per rank? per class?

- If I want to play and focus on strategy, how do I play?
What are the rules?

The Staff

Gamers, artists, manga & anime fans

We are 4 best friends with a huge passion for games design. We are working together for many years ! We've been involved in the development of several professional and community projects, so we've decided to develop our own range of games.



Seb is a graphic designer and leads the Goddess project.

He loves it when a holly hot sexy TCG card game comes together.


Judge Ced

Ced is also a graphic designer specializing in software engineering.

Because he's not joking about boob design... he IS the boob design !


The Candleman

The Candleman takes care of communication and graphic charters.

Maybe one day you'll know why... Some are still searching.



He has been working in digital engineering for 11 years.

Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.

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