United by the Same Vision

The Staff

The Staff

We All Love What We Do

We are 4 best friends with a huge passion for games design. We are working together for many years ! We've been involved in the development of several professional and community projects, so we've decided to develop our own range of games.



Seb is a graphic designer and leads the Goddess project.

He loves it when a holly hot sexy TCG card game comes together.


Judge Ced

Ced is also a graphic designer specializing in software engineering.

Because he's not joking about boob design... he IS the boob design !


The Candleman

The Candleman takes care of communication and graphic charters.

Maybe one day you'll know why he cares about candles... A lot of poeple are still searching.



He has been working in digital engineering for 11 years.

Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.

Credits & Process

Who did what?

Modern artists are still artists

At 4Play, we're a group of friends with a passion for manga and anime, as well as cinema, graphic design, drawing, painting, music and art in general. We're not renowned artists, but we're driven by an unquenchable passion for creation.


So, above all, we believe in the power of human creativity. Artificial intelligence, far from being a substitute, is merely a tool, a brush in our humble creative hands. For us, technology serves creativity, and it's people who bring magic to life. That's why our TCG was conceived on bases generated by various AIs, then each visual element was meticulously reworked and shaped on state-of-the-art graphics tablets using the most powerful software such as Photoshop, Krita or Clip Studio Paint. We've spent a lot of time on it, and hope the result will live up to your expectations.


In the world of Celestria, every card is an authentic work of art, born from the fusion of artistic mastery and technological ingenuity. Welcome to our world, where human creativity is the cornerstone of our magic.

Credits to the artists:
Fantasia era Manager - Irønia
Divinia era manager - Neverman
Cyberia era Manager - Judge Ced
Sylvania era Manager - Candleman

Other credits:
Promotion & Website Manager - Irønia
Video & Editing Manager - Aninest
Discord Server & Community Manager - Neverman
Special Effects Manager - Judge Ced
Quality Control Manager - Candleman
Music - Cjbeards, Infraction, PraskMusic and Scott Buckley

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop 2021
Adobe Photoshop CS
Krita 5.2.2
Clip Studio Paint EX 2.0

AI used for work bases:

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